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Once or twice a week, come and treat yourself...
The yoga mats are ready and waiting for you!

Each yoga class lasts 1h30: we start with a guided relaxation which leads us to the practice of asanas (yoga postures). Then we end with a meditation through breathing techniques.

Classes have started, remember to register!

Registration is possible throughout the year.

Contact me on 07 69 17 33 57 or by email at

Asaliah66-yoga-cours ortaffa


Monday: 9:30 a.m., 5:15 pm and 6:45 p.m.

Tuesday: 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

Yoga room above the media library

(Park at the elementary school parking lot)

The lessons are suitable for everyone (beginners and experienced) and last 1h30.


At the session: 13 euros (1 lesson)

Quarterly: 135 euros

(i.e. 11 euros per weekly lesson)

Yearly: 350 euros

(i.e. 9.75 euros per weekly lesson)

From September to June inclusive, excluding school holidays and public holidays.

Asaliah66-yoga-cours particuliers

Private lessons at your home

I travel to Ortaffa and its surroundings

The courses are adapted according to your requests and needs of the moment.

From 1 to 2 people:

- 1 hour: 60 euros

- 1h30: 80 euros

- 2 hours: 100 euros

From 3 people:

- 1 hour: 25 euros per person

- 1h30: 30 euros per person

- 2 hours: 40 euros per person

Asaliah66-yoga-cours particuliers

Private lessons at
Asaliah Massage & Yoga

66560 Ortaffa

The courses are adapted according to your requests and needs of the moment.


If necessary, mats can be made available to you on site.


For 1 or 2 people:

- 1 hour: 50 euros

- 1h30: 70 euros

- 2 hours: 90 euros

What type of yoga is taught?

This is Hatha Yoga - the Yoga of mastery of the mind. The goal of the practice is to achieve a calmer mind as well as a perfect union between body and mind. For this, we first practice relaxation as well as different breaths (pranayama) in order to prepare the body and the mind for the yoga postures (asanas) that follow. The practice of yoga postures is based on the sun salutation (surya namaskar) as well as on 12 main postures and their variants which according to Swami Sivananda guarantee optimal health. The practice of the postures is based on the awareness of the muscles used, breathing and relaxation. The body is fortified in a balanced way and the mind learns to gradually detach itself from the senses. The course ends with a relaxation which allows you to assimilate the benefits of the practice.

Are the courses accessible to everyone?

Yoga classes are accessible to everyone, beginners as well as experienced. My teaching adapts to the students present. I give more explanations if necessary and I propose different variants according to the level of the students. At the end of the course, each student finds satisfaction according to his needs or expectations.

Is body flexibility necessary?

Absolutely not. Yoga is often misunderstood as gymnastics. It is true that we work with and through the body in order to reach the mind. Thanks to the practice of yoga, we create pressure and stretching at the level of the body in order to allow an optimal relaxation of the body and the mind. That said, each body is different and the practice of yoga adapts to all bodies. Whatever the flexibility of your body, yoga will be quite beneficial for it. It is precisely thanks to yoga that your body will achieve flexibility. You can practice and live your yoga experience at your own pace.

Is yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion but rather a philosophy of life that neither represents nor contradicts any religion. Yoga is a practice oriented towards spirituality and not towards religion. You can therefore practice yoga regardless of your religion or beliefs.


​Here are the 12 basic asanas that serve as a reference

During the lessons, we will practice variations of these asanas (yoga postures) which will be adapted to all levels of students. We will practice them both statically and dynamically. Everyone at their own pace, respecting your body and your needs of the moment...

12 asanas.png


Asaliah Massage & Yoga

Hannah Meszaros

66560 Ortaffa

+33 7 69 17 33 57

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