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As a gift or for yourself, taking the time to relax is essential in our crazy weeks.


This time of relaxation, where the body regenerates and warms up and where the minds calm down, is a gift for oneself and for others around you.

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See you soon!

Cellular harmonization treatment

Adults : 50 euros for one session

Children : 40 euros for one session

Suitable for children
from birth

Acupressure treatment on dressed person. 

The harmonization of cellular exchanges by acupressure makes it possible to rebalance the energy flows in the body, by stimulating the acupuncture points using manual pressure. This method is natural and painless. As it is not necessary to verbalize for the session to be effective, it is suitable for babies and children as well as adults.

Asaliah66-massage-Tuina Relaxation dos

​Chinese massage - Tui Na


​​60 min - 60 €           

90 min - 90 €

120 min - 120 €

Acupressure massage on a clothed person.

Relaxation of the body through massage techniques such as palpations, stretching and energy rebalancing through the Chinese meridians. Practiced on a massage table.

Asaliah66-massage-Sensitif et émotionnel

Sensitive and Emotional release massage

60 min - 60 €

90 min - 90 €

120 min - 120 €

Acupressure massage on a clothed person.

Emotional relief through acupressure techniques on emotional areas (back, stomach, solar plexus, hands and feet). Practiced on a massage table.


Traditional Thai Massage

​​60 min - 60 €         

90 min - 90 €

120 min - 120 €

Stretching massage on a clothed person.

Relaxation of the body through full body stretching techniques and energy rebalancing through Thai sen.

Is practiced on futon on the ground.

Asaliah66-massage-Ventouses chinoises

Traditional Chinese Cupping


60 min - 60 €

90 min - 90 €

120 min - 120 €

Treatment performed on bare skin, with or without oil.

Personalized care according to the needs of the person; the areas to be worked on will be defined together before the session. To help healing or prevention. Practiced on a massage table.

What is the Tui Na massage?

Tui means "to push" and Na "to grab". These are the 2 techniques used in this Chinese massage. In China, Tui Na has a therapeutic aim and is even an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine.


The Tui Na aims to make the energy - the Qi - circulate freely through the meridians that run through our body. Beyond a relaxing effect on the whole body, the Tui Na massage technique is also used to relieve in the case of the following pathologies:

- Elbow tendonitis / ankle tendinitis / ankle sprain

- Carpal tunnel / wrist pain

- Gastric pain in the stomach and belly / constipation

- Headaches, among many others...

Whether it is to relieve you in the case of a specific pathology or simply to offer you a moment of relaxation thanks to this energizing treatment, the Tui Na is a very complete massage which will bring you an undeniable general well-being. In the case of specific pathologies, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment over several sessions for optimal results.

What is the Thai Massage?

Thai massage is a massage inspired by yoga.

The stretching exercises used are both dynamic and fluid.

Energy work consists of exerting pressure on specific points running through the energy lines of the body called sen. These lines are similar to Chinese meridians.

Thai massage allows you to:

- restore flexibility and dynamism to the body

- reduce back pain

- deeply relax the whole body

The Thai massage adapts to all, it is always practiced by respecting the physiological possibilities of each one. The body and mind emerge deeply relaxed and re-energized.

Unlike other massages, Thai massage is practiced on the ground to allow optimal stretching of the whole body. 

What is the sensitive and emotional release massage?

Sensitive and Emotional massage works on the relationship between the physical body and the mind. In Chinese medicine, we consider that the body and the spirit are one and that by relieving one we relieve the other.


The emotions felt have effects on the body. By unlocking its effects on the physical body, we also unlock the emotion hidden behind it.

The technique of this massage is similar to that of Tui Na except that the points used will be chosen according to the emotion to be treated.

This massage is intended for deep emotional relief. For optimal results, it may therefore be necessary to renew it over several sessions.


The massages and treatments offered do not replace medical or physiotherapy follow-up and care.

Also, in no way do these massages and treatments relate to sexual, erotic or tantric practices.

What is Chinese Cupping therapy?

Thanks to Chinese suction cups, we can work on both the energy and mechanical aspects.

For the energy aspect, we are interested in meridians and acupuncture points. The goal is to regulate the energy of certain organs.

For the mechanical aspect of the body, Chinese suction cups are used to relieve pain.


Suction cups are particularly effective for:

- joint and muscle pathologies such as sciatica, tendonitis, low back pain, rheumatism, sprains...

- digestive problems such as bloating and constipation

- sleep disturbances, headaches

- respiratory ailments, colds, flu

- cellulite, painful menstruation, among many others...

Cupping also helps to relax the body by soothing muscle tension and removing blockages in deep muscles and energies that stagnate in certain parts of the body.

In China, cupping is even used several times a year for prevention to keep the body healthy and healthy.

Here again, in order to be able to provide deep relief, it may be necessary to renew this treatment over several sessions.



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